ok I need some serious advice. my boyfriend wants to get married this summer, he doesn't live in the US and he plans to get a job here, by us getting married then it will it will be easier for him to gets job and make things so much easier, and definitely we are getting married...but should I before I graduate from school? and how can I keep it a secret? please tell me what you think..


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  • I'm almost 27 and not quite ready for marriage yet, I can't imagine getting married at 17. Since 17 I have gone through a few girlfriends which I thought were serious but turned out not to be the one. If I were you I would hold off for a bit. What will really change if you're married. Just be a boyfriend/girlfriend for now, and get married once it doesn't have to be a secrete. Once you can be proud to say you are married and not have to hide it. Trust me, you have your whole life ahead of both of you so why rush into this.

    • Thanks that helps a lot ;)...I'm begning to see the whole picture

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  • did you know that there

    are families out there that

    have kids, meaning more than

    one, that don't have jobs. and

    that can barely get money to

    pay stuff.

    what makes you think just cause

    17 or 18 that he'll get a job

    over those people? just

    because he's "married"?

    • If your spouse is a US citizen it either allows you to stay in the country even if your Visa expires... or something like that (I think it also allows you to get a green card much easier) and if you weren't born in the country then you can't get a job in the us w/out a green card or work visa, I think that's what she is meaning.

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  • Why would you want to get married so you young! You have so long to decide what to do with your life. Two years from now (heck even six weeks from now) you might decide you don't want to be with this person. At least wait until you graduated. Just because you can get married doesn't mean you should.

  • whoa married at 17?!?

    you're still really young and have a lot ahead of you

    wait a couple more years, and why keep it a secret?

    get married when ur confident and happy about letting other people know.

    as for your boyfriend getting a job just because you're getting married doesn't really give him a better chance for getting a job.

  • You can't hide it because you can't get married until 18 without your parents consent. Why would you want to anyways? It sounds like he is only marrying you to get legal citizenship.

  • I don't think that making it easier for him to get a job is a good reason to get married.

  • Uh...that is completely impractical. Do you know how hard it is to get a job in this economy? People with college degrees have been looking for work for months and they are still jobless; what kind of job do you and your think you are going to get? I'll tell you that it probably won't be the type of job that can support two people. Think of all the bills you need to pay and other living expenses. Just think before you do anything drastic. Seriously, getting married at 17 is a terrible idea.

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