What should I think about this marriage situation?

My bf and i have been dating for only 8 months but it feels longer. We have talked about marriage and kids. He sometimes calls me his wife and says how he wants to be with me forever. One night we were fighting and i said I'm sorry I love you and hope we're together forever. He said I hope so too then I said you do? And he's like yeah I know so. Then last night we came home from the bar and i brought it up and it seemed like he was being different about it. I asked if we were going to be together forever and he said yeah. Then I said something about getting married sometime and he says yeah I don't know. Then I made a comment about oh so we would just date forever and not get married then he said I don't know again. I don't know what to believe now. I was a little tipsy when I was talking about it. Dumb I know. But what should I think about this situation with him? And i didn't mean we have to get engaged soon I was just talking about our future together because I really love him.


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  • You are mounting pressure on him im terms of relationship.. You need to be cool.

  • When a man doesn't want to talk about the subject, you'll find "I don't know" covers a lot of questions.

    • Does it still sound like he wants to though? And he was just saying I don't know because he didn't wanna talk about it?

    • He didn't want to talk about it, that was obvious. Girls may love talking about marriage, but men do not and don't like being drawn into the subject either.

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