I'm getting married and changing my last name.?

How many men change their last names? We're not taking hers but came up with a whole new name. I worry that my family is going to freak out. I also wonder how it will look to my business associates. Anyone have any experience with this?


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  • Is that possible? I didn't even know.

    • My state it is. We looked into it.

    • Okay...Then, don't you feel like it's a bit like turning down your family history? I'm not that into family but my family name is something important to me, it just follows the family tree. Don't your like that idea?

    • I don't really feel that way. We see it as we're starting new so why not start totally new.

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  • Don't you guys think it'll be better keeping your surname or hers? Because you both need to keep your family tradition and your future generations need to keep the family tradition D:

    • i second that

    • We think of it like starting our own. Like when immigrants came to America and changed their name right of the boat. My family name has changed three times over the years...that we know of.

  • I don't have experience with it but I think it's cool.
    If its something you both are really gung ho for, your family should be understanding.
    I can see why it would be an issue but you're an adult.
    Same goes for your business associates.

    I wish you the best!

  • I never heard of that. I dont even think its legal. I could be wrong though...

    • It's perfectly legal...at least in my state.

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  • That's interesting. I've never heard of a guy changing his last name after marriage. I'm curious though, what makes you want to do it?

    And for the people saying that it's not legal are wrong. Any adult can change their name legally, but it just takes a lot of paperwork.

    • My name sucks...Her name sucks...we just went a change. It's so easy in my state so that's another reason. Ask we need to do is make the change when we submit the licence. I've looked into the legality of it extensively.

    • Nice. I think it's kind of cool actually. Starting a new life together completely fresh. Good luck.

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