Would you be suspicious of his friendliness?

Hi I don't know what to make of my mate at the moment. We were good mates for ages it wasn’t anything more as he had a fiancé. They were running into problems and he started giving me the come on. I developed feelings for him but felt I couldn’t go there as he had a mrs. He would be texting me all the time making me feel special and making remarks bout how he wished we were more than friends. I enjoyed the attention but after a while he went distant and I found out he met some other girl. He dumped his fiancé and 4 months on he's living with this girl and is engaged (for 4th time mind).

We have had our ups and downs ever since as I did confront at the time when all this happened which he denied so it has been awkward between us. Thing is we had an argument few weeks ago about how he didn't bother replying to my texts and that it came across as rude he replied back with I'm too busy to reply to you and that I was the one being rude. I saw him a few days later and since then he's been talking to me online. Which is very strange as he hasn’t really bothered with me for several months now unless I contact him. Do you think I should be wary as he's telling his family how happy he is and all I'm getting is I'm so tired,finding things tiring hi there how are you and he doesn't mention her.


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  • Don't fall for something so suspicious. He's been engaged 4 times. It appears obvious to me that he either doesn't know what he wants or continues to change his mind, but he isn't very committed. I think what happens is he gets engaged in the infatuation stage, loses interest, and then falls for the person he's closest to next. Namely, that would have been you. However, what he counts on is that person to make a move first, otherwise there isn't a point in breaking off the engagement. If this is more than just losing interest, which I suspect it might be, then he knows what he's doing and the point is to make the other person fall for him as he was doing with you. If you don't make the first move, then he can't be sure he has anything to go to when he breaks off the engagement. I think the first time, you took too long and so he simply moved on to someone else, or who he's engaged to right now, she made the move, so he knew that he would have someone else and after his already lost interest in his at the time current fiancé, he ended the engagement. Now it appears he's lost interest again already and is just going back to you because he saw that you were interested after all, and purposefully plays his cards correctly to first make you feel like you did something wrong and then apologize and start talking to you playing the victim so that you'll come running to save him and be his refuge away from his "horrible life." Be VERY wary. You're either ready to be played by someone smart, or just a part of a very indecisive and unreliable relationship with an immature being.


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