Are Marriage & Monogamy IRRELEVANT in the 21st century?

In my college English class we had a HUGE debate about this. Some said

1. Yes its irrelevant cuz we have single parents. People wanna have sex etc etc. And divorces are happening everyday

2. No. It is Relevant cuz it makes society better etc etc. Religion is involved to.

MARRIAGE: legally with some one
Monogamy: with 1 partner forever

ALSO : is Monogamy: social-having 1 person who has the most of you BUT still going out being sexual with someone meaningless. ... do you agreee with that? Or no?

This was a debate & facts i got in class just asking your opinions.

Now... how do you guys feel about monogamy? If you were Married! Would you be okay with monogamy... by Google. Monigamy means 1 person..for life


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  • Well, marriage doesn't necessarily equate monogamy and vice versa. Whether or not marriage and/or monogamy is relevant depends on the individual/couple and what they believe is right for them.


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  • It depends, girls do need the reassurance that there is a man there to take care of her, it is more of a mental reassurance than an actual physical, because nowadays women can take care of themselves. So that need of reassurance women have "in theory" to raise their children will provoke a lot of men to be willing to satisfy those needs in order to get sex in exchange. So yeah, marriage and monogamy are far from over, thanks to our genetics.

  • I'd be perfectly okay with a single person, as long as that single person is capable of providing me with everything that I expect on a basic level from a tightly-coupled 'romantic' relationship bound by law. If not, then you can always outsource aspects of your relationship to others, but that's more of an open relationship rather than a monogamous one.

    It really depends on whether two people can provide each other what each wants, or not. If yes, it works. If not, then people might resort to cheating, especially if the other person would disapprove of such 'outsourcing', even if they're the ones at fault of 'not providing' as much as one would want. Of course, that also depends on how reasonable those desires are, but you get what I mean.

  • Monogamy does not mean 1 partner for life, it means 1 partner at a time.

    Marriage is irrelevant, monogamy is not.

    • Explain how monogamy is 1 partner at a time. Idc I support your side too I just wanna make tomorrows debate interesting

    • Monogamy means that when you're with a person, you're ONLY with that person. In the scope of marriage that means only being married to one person. Outside the scope of marriage that means being committed to your mate and not straying outside the relationship. Those relationships may end... A mate may die, a marriage may end in divorce. You might find another relationship after the previous one ends, but as long as you're remaining in that one on one pairing, you're still being monogamous.

    • Okay good. Thats how i see it too

  • Personally I think this is one of the most intelligent topics I've read thus far 'so ill put it like this its really based on the person as long as people are relating one to the other equally then all is in order meaning there will always be people who do what their nature dictates because we are all diffrent species in the human genome'its really about matching up with alikes to keep balancement in order and not to impose your nature or choices on someone else.

  • If like monogamy but I'd like a threesome every now and then. Still just my one wifey to turn to at the end of the day and kiss her hot mouth.

    • Is this 3way including your wife

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    • Oh okay cool is she really okay with it?

    • Uh I'm not married. I'm imagining all this wtf do I know. She better be on with it lol

  • As a man, marriage is no longer an option or possibility in my life. Whenever a girl asks, my response is a simple, "I'm sorry, marriage simply presents me with more legal and financial risk compared to any legal or financial reward that's meaningful to me. If you want to live your life with me, nobody is stopping you. We can live the rest of our lives together, love each other, raise children together, etc. just unmarried."

    That way, you're never going to turn around and hold the threat of "divorce" like a loaded gun over my head. Plus, we'll wake up to each other every day and know that we're together by "choice," not by "force" or "fear" of legal or financial consequences.

    As far as monogamy, that's easy for me, although I don't know how other guys feel about it. I was never one that was big on sex. So, I don't care either way. The way I see it, one woman's issues are enough. I don't understand how guys in a polygamous relationship can do it, or how guys juggle multiple women at the same time. F--- that!

    • But doesn't marriage provide financial benefits in paying taxes?

    • Yes, it does (technically). You get "double" the standard deduction (or in other words, two "single" standard deductions). So, a couples is actually better off having the lower-income person filing as single and the higher-income person claiming the child and filing as head of household. So, now that the tax benefits are out of the way, and domestic partnership takes care of hospital visitation and health insurance, what's left?

  • Marriage isn't marriage anymore, I think it's been redefined the the point of irrelevance. These should add perspective:

  • Marriage isn't something that can be given meaning by those that find it meaningless. The institute isn't respected by a lot of people as it should be, it's been comercialised and devalued. I value marriage and I view it as a life time committment


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  • I wouldn't call either irrelevant. Just that their relevance has changed slightly.

    Marriage used to be about social acceptance, financial support, family unit. These things are no longer negated by marriage so it becomes irrelevant in those terms we're used to it in. But - I'd say that yes it's still relevant on a personal level between the two people who choose to make that commitment to each other.

    Same with monogamy. Although alternative relationships aren't as readily accepted or understood, it's becoming less weird for people to be okay with a more open relationship. However, I think, more so than marriage, monogamy is something most people are still striving for. That special connection with one person which may or may not cumulate in marriage.

    • This is how feel

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    • What do you mean by time. You dont believe in 1 personfor a lifetime?

    • Monogamy means a relationship is just between the two people in that relationship for as long as the relationship lasts. After that you can have another monogamous relationship. It basically means no cheating, or no more partners at that time than the two involved.

  • These things are relevant to those that care about them.

    Ultimately, that is how anything is determined as relevant or irrelevant.

  • It was much more significant to society in the past than it is now. To individuals it's a case by case basis. Personally monogamy is the only road for me, and marriage is one of the things I want most in life.

  • Probably not considering the fact that the cheating rates are unbelievably high these days.

  • I don't think so.

    Marriage is what you make of it.
    It's not stupid or meaningless UNLESS you make it stupid and/or meaningless.
    If marriage means something to YOU, it's meaningful.

    Monogamy isn't irrelevant because many people believe in loyalty and being committed to ONE person at a time.
    Again, it's what you make of it.
    If that's important to YOU, then it's important and therefore not irrelevant.

    • I don't care what others think of these two things, others not taking them seriously doesn't mean they have no relevance.
      It's silly to me when people say marriage is meaningless because of the high divorce rate. That doesn't mean marriage is stupid, that means PEOPLE are stupid, haha!
      It means THOSE people don't take marriage seriously.
      I still can, do and will.

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    • I'm not for or against it.
      I'm talking about relationships here, not marriages.
      I'm monogamous in all of my relationships.

    • Oh I ment whwn your married. Oh okay nvm well thats normal