I'm not sher what I should do a bout my wife?

I love my wife more than any thing in the world but we haven't been living together for a little more than a year she live with her mom cause that is wher her goats are and her mom hates me so I can't go there. we could live to get her but we can't afford a place to keep the animals we would have to get a apartment she says she loves me and wants to be with me but she won't sale them so could live together and we have a daughter how is three. Any ideas what I should do or should I just give her more time?

We use to live together but I lost my job this was a year and a half ago I'm working now and I make a nuff to support us but sadly not the animal at this time...


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  • So she's basically picking a goat over her family? Don't get me wrong I love my critters a lot but I don't know if could chose a goat over my husband. Why can't she just leave the goat at her mommas and just go check on it daily? Does her momma live to far away for that? If she got the goat knowing she would have to get it and keep it at her mommas and her momma doesn't live close by that's her fault for even getting the goat!

  • First you should learn to sell. Talk to her family should come first it's ridiculous that your married and don't live together


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