Is there an age for marriage?

I know of so many girls getting married about this time in my life..

My girlfriend has stated that she plans to get married by the time she's 25

I personally think it's ridiculous to think that way...not knowing if at that time you'll be with the person that you're meant to be with..

and I think everyone has their time come whether it be in their 20's 30's or 40's..

WHY do people predict or decide a time on when marriage will have to happen?


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  • i think girls give marriage too much credit honestly. they think of it has a haven, when I've actually read (contrary to popular belief) men are happier in marriage than women are. also, women are pressured to marry young and have kids. my grandmother doesn't think I'm trying hard enough to find a guy...i'm 19 for goodness sake!

  • I think people haev their own idea of how old they wanna be when they get married. Me personally I think a good time to get married is around 28. Why? I don't know...


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