How do you approach total strangers as a guy? Women at a store, or the lifeguard at the pool, and the like?

People you can't ever hope to get to know in the 'normal' way...?


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  • This is a troublesome situation but it may be worth the trouble. Most often you will not be able to get to know them, of course, because most of us women just aren't going to be open to proposals from a strange man!

    You;ll have to be very friendly and keep smiling, even if she tells you not to talk to her again or something like that.

    Try again, though, if you get a smile from her, or any other positive indication. She may want time to think about it.


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  • The only thing that has ever worked for me has been making a joke at an opportune time. There isn't much time to read their reaction but if it is positive the door is open. If not just laugh it off and ease away.

    You don't want to make a girl feel threatened. Also, girls may not be into dealing with a guy... no matter how funny or charming you are in the moment.