Why do guys jokingly ask you to marry them?

So I was talking to my guy friend the other night & he says to me 'fancy getting married?' I jokingly replied saying 'depends if u get a big white wedding dress.' He replied saying 'you can have whatever you want as long as 1) I never get moaned at 2) I get to watch football when I want & 3) football will always be my first love.

I replied saying as long as we get to watch chelsea as well with a beer & a pizza were all good. He basically said this is to good to be true what's the catch, I said there wasn't one & he said in really selling myself to him. And basically we began talking about relationship terms like how he's high maintanince & how he can be soppy when he's hungover etc .

Thing is I told him 3 weeks ago that I had grown attached to him through a kinda friends with benefits relationship but he said he wasn't looking for anything. Now I'm confused why he would do that? He did make one comment which linked with what he said 'that he wasn't sure if he was ready to be obligated to one side of the bed.' When talking about spooning. Guys any ideas why he would do that?


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  • Playing house in his head... the first step to being tired of dating around... but be sure he's not just being lazy, which also talks like this


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