How to decline being a bridesmaid/maid of honor or even attending my "best-friend's" wedding?

So my best friend got engaged recently and is getting married a year from now. However I've been unemployed and living with other people for two years now and she knows this and knows that I frankly cannot afford to even go to this destination wedding! I know its a year from now, but realistically speaking I can't save that much money in a year to do all that even if I do get a job, I have my own life to get started! I know that might sound selfish but its the truth. When I kind of mentioned that we'll talk about it in the near future, she got offended saying that it sound like I didn't want to go. But I honestly can't and I don't feel like bending over backwards for her either because I know for a fact that she would not if the shoe were on the other foot. So how do I decline the invitation?


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  • Tell her you will get a job in order to attend her wedding but don't hold her breath about anything more. Have her wish you luck, because you're dying to go! Such an attitude will not only please her, but may be the confidence boost needed to get that job or even a surprise free ticket in the mail.


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  • I would not decline. Where there is a will there is a way. I would explain your concerns to her but do everything you can to be there.

    This is a good friend and a rare life event that you should try to attend. It is important for her but equally important to your friendship.

    You can always make more money but you can't make more time or go back in time to get these memories back.

  • Just tell her you can't go and you will not go!


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