Proposal problems. Men & women.?

Men what would you do if you went to to ask your girls dad for permission to marry her, and he said no? Would you try to reason with him, or just tell him that it's happening anyway.
Ladies, what would you do if you found out your dad your dad was trying to tell a man he couldn't marry you?


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  • It's only a courtesy gesture. It's happening anyway.

    • in your personal opinion, do you think you need to talk to the dad before you propose?

    • No. The primary person is the girl.

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  • Well I have never had a problem with parents not liking me so when I come across this I will let you know.


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  • I wouldn't be happy about it. My husband didn't ask my daddy, but even if he had my daddy would've gave us his blessing. I think it's a nice gesture to make though. Your daddy don't have to like it, you can still marry the guy. But honestly if a father doesn't like the man I'm sure he has a good reason and maybe you listen to it. All a father wants is what's best for their baby.