Guy friend did this when cuddling. Does he fancy me?

I was watching a movie with a male friend of mine, and we started cuddling. This isn't something we've ever really done before either,...

Should I tell on this older guy who won't stop messaging me?

We used to text back when I thought he was nice and just wanted to be friends but he's in his 20's!! Long story short he started sending...

Do you think you can get to know the depth of a person through virtual discussion?

Do you believe it's possible to really know a person by talking to them on social media only? Without ever meeting or talking on the...

Why does everybody hate on us alpha males?

To the beta males: I can't help it that I was born a superior alpha male and it's not my fault that you're not a real man. I'm sorry...

Can a wife compare her husband with her kinky exes and make fun of the husband from inside? How many wives does it?

As many wifes avmccept that in their sub concious mind they do compare their husband, and can t control such thoughts? So is there some...

Girls, Want to watch guy on guy?

hey im looking to have sex with a guy in next couple of days and we want a girl to watch either over the internet, FaceTime or in person...

How to turn from Beta subhuman to Alpha beast?

I wanna be the best alpha there is, cuz why not?

Should the Brits, the Germans, Italians and others pay for the crimes they did in the world during their colonization in Africa and India?

War crimes , Mass murder , Genocide and killing millions of civilian innocent people in Africa and India ! Stealing treasures from those...


Which tranny-looking girl is more beautiful?

They are not transgender but they look like them! All of them are hot for me