Why is he suddenly not returning my calls/texts?

Hi... I was dating a guy for 4 months. He wanted to take things slowly, I didn't delve, I just was open minded. I will admit now that I have been hurt in the past and a couple of times I did let my insecurity slip out but I was always apologetic and he said he understood.

Everything was going great, dates every week and speaking daily; he even supported me through my exams, never pressuring me to spend time with him, we fit our relationship around my busy schedule. He was even gentleman enough to not rush sex or even pester me for it, we had a healthy sex life but he held a lot more focus on getting to know we, 70% of the time we would just chat and hang out. He came back from holiday, all happy to tell me about what he'd been up to with his mates. But he'd managed to hurt his foot which took its time healing and I admit I got a little mardy about not being able to see him. A few days later he stops texting me (I'm used to him texting first all the time so this was very odd) so I left it a few days and he seemed distant but said he was fine, I asked if he'd just needed some time to himself? He said kinda, had a few things to think about - I asked if he wanted to talk about it, he said no not really so I just reassured him I was here for him if he ever needed me.

The following day I took a small present around to his house as he was due to fly out to Las Vegas for his birthday the day after - it wa sonly a silly bag filled with his favourite sweets and a card and he sent me alovely text saying how it meant a lot and he would rind me when he got back to talk properly, plus lots of kisses.

He returns and no phone call, so I text him asking how the holiday was etc etc and he says it was great, had a awesome time, can't wait to go back and thanks me again for the card but doesn't reply again

I give him a week before I text him again, this time I ask what's wrong - He says he's had a few problems with his ex since he got back, and asks how I am, I ask what's up and he says that its a long story and been going on for a while. So I ask if he fancies meeting up to take his mind off of things, he says maybe the following week when he's on morning shifts - Then my friend at work tells me to tell him how distant he's been and how it's upset me - I've not heard from him since. It's been 5 weeks, I text him like practically once a week, saying things like hope you're ok, what's going on? is everything ok? (not all at once mind!) But he doesn't reply

I bumped into him at the weekend and he literally froze, he went red and I'm not sure he knew what to do - clearly bothered by seeing me. He was with his brothers, whom he obviously began telling them it was me as they then continued to stare at me until they left a few minutes later.

What I don't understand is, why be so bothered about seeing me if he doesn't wanna talk? Why suddenly not want to talk? Is it my mardiness? Is it the message about him being distant? Why not just put me out my misery?


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  • Sounds like the relationship is over but he's too much of a wimp to just end it. Perhaps he got back together with his ex? Perhaps they never really broke up? Who knows for sure, but I'd say you're better off without him.


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