What kind of gifts are good to get for your crush?

I'm trying to start thinking of what to get my crush for Christmas/Valentine's Day/his birthday. What are some small things I could get him that show that I care (on at least a friend level) without being creepy or scaring him off?

He plays the guitar and likes video games. Hopefully that can help get some ideas.


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  • dont get nothing big, just something that shows you remembered and cared enough to get him something but not that you gave it a lot of thought,

    a small balloon, cupcake, that crush stuff

    other things like a video game he really wants is more for relationships

    • I like how you said the video games and larger gifts should be for relationships. We both play the guitar and talk about guitar stuff a lot. I think something guitar related would really be a good idea. Is there anything you think I could do with that?

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