How do I deal with Machismo?

I have posted a couple of questions here about a guy that I like and I keep getting responses about Machismo.

Long story short, I like him, he likes me. He is from Mexico and doesn't speak much english. I don't speak a lot of spanish but I understand people when that talk. We have hung out a few times and I understand most of what he is saying. We ended up having sex.

So I thought well either this will be a one time thing and he will start blowing me off or he will get all clingy and weird. So he got weird but not the way I thought. We never really talked all that much at work. We still don't but when I change clothes to leave and go out, he makes comments about how sexy I look and how hot I am. He tells me he is going to call and doesn't but he will ask the people I am out with where we went and what we did. He followed me out of work the other night and asked where I was going. He told me he would meet me there at 12. He got there I told him I had to pay my bar tab and I would be right back but when I got back he was gone. The next day he asked where I was going, I told him and he said he couldn't go.

There is more but I am trying to keep this short. See my other posted questions if you need or want more detail to answer (Thanks)

So I have been told his behavior is machismo. I don't know how to react to it. I would normally just tell a guy how I feel or how he is making me feel. This guy is the first guy I have actually been attracted too since my divorce. I don't really know the best way to deal with machismo. Do I play coy or do I flirt with him? I erased his number from my phone last week when he didn't call so I wouldn't be tempted to call him. Should I be calling or not? I mean I am confused.

Also, I am going to be applying to the FBI in December. I am very interested in human behavior. I don't understand the cultural differences here so I think that is why I am so interested in this.

Any help would be great!


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