Should I wait to see if my ex boyfriend/baby daddy bought me somthing for Valentine's Day, before I give him anything?

My boyfriend let me go a month and a half ago after being together for going on 5yrs. We have a 2yr old son together. I have been trying and trying to stop thinking about him since the day I left his house, but I just can't stop thinking about him because I still want my little family back. I've been trying to keep myself occupied but still at the end of the day its him who I can't stop thinking about. I spoke to him in person 2days ago, had a long conversation. I cried, he cried, we hugged and I made him smile. I told him I loved him, and he said he loved me too and that he want his family back as well, the only thing holding him back according to him was that he just doesn't want to go through the same arguing as we had before.

I just don't know why he doesn't let love lead the way, I feel like he has a defensive wall up that he doesn't wanna cross...even though he says he still want me back and he loves me. I think his pride just doesn't want to admit that he's not doing as well as he thought he would be doing without. I'm sure he thought it was going to be a lot easier. But anyways, I already poured my heart out to him, cried my eyes out, and told him exactly how I felt and what I thought was the best for our son, and in the end I just still felt like he doesn't want to give in.

So V-day is this weekend and I bought a simple v day card and chocolate. I'm planing to give it to him tomorrow since I'm picking up my son from his house...but I'm kind of scared of giving it to him...and yes of course I'm expecting something as well but I know that prepared for disappointment if he doesn't buy me anything as well...

So should I give it to him or wait till V day to see if he wants to spend that day with me or to see if he bought me something first?


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