Where could I find this hat? Does it look familiar?

Where could I find this hat? Does it look familiar? My best friend lost his favorite hat ever and I've been searching all over for it for the past few months! I really wanna find it and surprise him! Thing is.. This hat seems like it's impossible to find! Apparently the design is some sort of game reference.. I think it's a fallout thing.. I'm not sure actually.. But I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this or maybe even has one? Or at least has some sort of clue about where I might be able to find it! I really hope I can find this hat! It should still be out there somewhere he got it this year off of some website! Sorry for the vague info.. But I don't want to ask him directly for it since it'll give away the surprise of me looking for it and if I potentially find it!


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  • It's called an enclave hat from fallout. This is the best I could find:

    cafepress. com/+,294505827? utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=pla-google&utm_campaign=640239563-d-m&utm_content=27654318010-adid-93474717730&utm_term=pla-72412543930-pid-294505827&gclid=CjwKCAiA9rjRBRAeEiwA2SV4ZWE64ItrsBisWs3PUosAmxka_oBua3DuWJFgIJ8aRgwDDVBAzVDXvhoC2ikQAvD_BwE

    • Thanks so muchhhh 😭💞

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    • Oh gotcha gotcha! Thanks!

    • Yeah

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  • It's the symbol for the Enclave in Fallout, you were right about that. I found a few similar ones on amazon but I'm in the UK, I'm not sure if there'd be more on the US version. If you search for something like 'enclave baseball hat fallout', you should at least find something similar! :)


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  • It's the symbol for the Enclave in Fallout. Just type in "fallout enclave baseball hat" into google and that hat will come up


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