👞👕👖 Where do you shop for your clothes at?

Me personally, being a full adult midget i can still shop in the kids department... 👞👕👖 Where do you shop for your clothes at?

it's ok my clothes are all 50% off permanently so i still get a W

actually i can shop in both departments


Most Helpful Girl

  • Usually Bershka and pull and bear

    • never heard of those, do they sell quality clothing?

    • i just looked on pull and bear.

      I converted the yen to dollar and it said the jacket was 3.59

      is that real? lol

    • omfg bershka is super cool.

      they have some dope clothing!

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  • Mostly just discount places, whatever is on sale, and thrift stores. Sometimes I will find nice accessories online but I prefer to shop for clothing in person.


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