Which one (s) of these should I get for my best (and I) as a birthday gift?

My best friend and I have known each other for close to 8 years now and we met in orchestra class in the 7th grade, we’re now both working adults who graduated high school together, we’re not dating and we won’t, because she’s lesbian (in case you were wondering why we’re not dating). We’re like siblings at this point and I want to get something that symbolizes how close we are, but I can’t decide what to get, so I want to know what other people think. All of the items below are available as a necklace or keychain so i also need help to decide that, I may get 2 of the items if I want 2 but I need help to narrow down my options.

  • Necklace 1
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  • Necklace 2
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  • Necklace 3
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  • Keychain 4
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  • Necklace 5
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  • Keychain 6
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think 5 is really cute.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Number 5 can be warm on its own. Your friend will be able to wear it even if they get a partner. Unlike 4&6 which may send the wrong message.

    • I hadn’t even thought about that but that makes a lot of sense, I think that will most likely be the one I get anyway, I really like it a lot

    • Glad I could help.

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What Girls Said 3

  • First or second

  • First one the simpler the better or ot eould look tacky

  • I liked last one.


What Guys Said 3

  • Honestly I think all of those are really tacky. Maybe she would like them but that depends on her petsonality.

    • Normally she’s not into jewelry and that stuff, but she’s been into music since we met, maybe tacky, but I literally don’t give a shit. I’m also irritated that this app decided to put duplicates up and leave the other ones out, this app is so glitchy now it’s retarded

  • Necklace 2. Cool

  • 4, so you can scare away unwanted men.

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