Signs through text that a guy likes you?

What are things a guy will do through text to show you he likes you? How frequently will he text you? Etc...Thanks :)


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  • I think joking or teasing possibly, if he uses emoticons a lot, that might be sort of a text version of his interested body language you'd see in person. The frequency of the texts and how quickly he responds to them may also be a factor in showing his interest, as well as if he seems happy to carry on a conversation and continue texting with you.

    • Well this guy puts smileys in almost all his texts to me and he texts me pretty often, even texting me later in the day after I stopped responding

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    • I think when people are drunk, they act closer to how they truly feel inside, as they are less inhibited to do so. So, yeah, I think he might like you.

    • Ok thanks for the help

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  • The ones who were truly into me wld text me every morning and night no matter what.. But they would randomly write cute litte ;) texts to let me know I was on his mind...