Still haven't received my package from USPS, what should I do?

So I ordered a new figure for my collection (Tf5 voyager megatron) and it shipped on the 10th and was supposed to arrive on the 12th. It was scanned and went out for delivery and I waited for it but the mail Lady didn't have it. The online tracking system updated and said it would arrive on the 14th. I showed my mail Lady and it was nowhere in her truck. I went to the post office and they didn't have it. It couldn't have been delivered because it was never scanned. I filed a missing mail claim but I haven't heard anything back. What should I do? Is it too early to ask the seller on eBay for a refund? Should I wait until Tuesday and go back to the post office? Still haven't received my package from USPS, what should I do??


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  • Contact the seller on Ebay, as the seller it's their responsibility to get the item to you. If it has gone missing in the post, what usually happens is the seller refunds you and then the seller has to deal with USPS to get their refund.


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  • Yes I would and if you don't have it by Tuesday I would ask for a refund or ask ups about it

  • Contact the vendor


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