My boyfriend never gave me a Valentine gift or Christmas gift or birthday gift. what do I do about it?

So I've been with this guy for about 4 months. We started as friends and then began hooking up. Then after about a month we became official. I got him a gift for his birthday, then we didn't exchange Christmas gifts nor did he get me a birthday gift in January. It started in November its not mid February our relationship. About 2 months into our "relationship" he told me he no longer wanted to hangout with my best friend. I let it go. But then he started accusing me of cheating and spending time with his friends. I threatened to take a break. But we worked it out. He even pressured me into doing inappropriate things I did not want to do. Now for Valentine's day he says he forgot to give me his gift. Is he lying or does he not really care about me?


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  • Just sit down and talk to him. That's all I can say other than that he isn't required to buy you anything. It's a little selfish to expect a gift every time a special occasion comes up. I can, however, sympathize about your birthday, since that day is about you.


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  • Idk my boyfriend does the same thing. He acts like he doesn't care I almost feel like breaking up with him.

    • are you going to? I can't decide

    • I think imma talk to him about it first

    • Say something to him. He needs to show you he cares. It would be one thing to maybe not do Christmas gifts, but to "forget" multiple holidays is another.