Why did my boyfriend breakup with me and said he stopped loving me long ago?

Yesterday around this time right now my boyfriend told me he stopped caring months ago he just didn't know how too say it. He is the biggest ass ever here is the situation we where together for 11 months together when I got in accident and in total a year and 4 months in total we would switch who went or came since we lived an hour and a half away. I was going this time we where gonna go too a theme park that day he had got year passes for us. I was all happy so what happened is I was crossing street too catch bus I was crossing at a pedestrian crossing at hospital where you can cross..i got hit by a car broke leg head injury he came day after since I was in surgery first day he came too see me.. he brought me a ipod as a gift... now that I think about it it was an ass kissing gift... because when he broke it off with me he said he stopped caring way before accident that he was not happy.. I never cheated.. never lied never nothing I literlly put all I could put in a relationship and he just dumped on me OK well after hospital visit he never came too see me again so last time I saw him was oct 19 and Valentine's I hear nothing from him he said he was working but now that we talked he said Valentine's is for people who are in love and that he stopped loving me way before accident then why did he keep text-in me he loved me and that he missed me I don't get it? I mean Could it be true he wants time alone or he really met someone else it just hurts so bad...he blames me I talked a lot about marriage but he wanted too marry me before he even took me too place where he wanted too get a place with me and be together... he in fact said I didn't talk about marriage at one point and I started talking again... he blames me that I believed in marriage and kids and he didn't want that wth why can't guys just say the freakin truth...he would want too get married too... I mean I just don't get this guy h kept saying he did care he still care but he is not in love anymore...After 2 hours asking him why and how did he stop loving me... I don't know if he made it up or what but he said he did meet a girl threw a friend but they where not together... he just blamed me for everything I didn't do anything..

Its like why did he come and meet my parents and why did he ask me too meet his family and then completely shut me out...

i mean I have texts from December where he would say he loved me and he wanted too hang out soon real soon.. that he couldn't wait too see me and get back too our going out again...

it hurts too think but I guess he was just one in another bunch...he used me he was the only guy I ever slept with.. and I told him that..i only did that with people if I knew I was gonna be together... and he says it was a mistake..all of it..

everyone tells me that he is gonna regret it...that who ever he found in a month which is the time he has been acting odd and ignoring me... would probably use him and he well want me back but karma's a b++++ that all i
Why did my boyfriend breakup with me and said he stopped loving me long ago?
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