AK or AR, which do you prefer?

I have a PSA Freedom and a C39 V2. For many years, I've learned a lot about them and developed a deep appreciation and respect for both platforms, but living in a restricted state, I couldn't so much as get near either. But since relocating to Texas, I got both rather quickly at a gun show. I truly believe that overall, there's no winner as they both have plenty of advantages over the other. The AR being the clear winner when it comes to controls and efficiency, while the AK is the clear winner in simplicity and the 7.62×39 easily beating the 5.56×45 when it comes to power (which has proven to actually be practical in urban warfare because it's able to go through more debris while maintaining lethality much better than the 5.56 round). I'm calling reliability a tie since AK rifles will be better in urban environments, but it will struggle in muddy environments due to the open design whereas AR's are well sealed and keep dirt & debris out of the action. For those reasons, I won't be calling a winner myself, but which do you prefer?
AK or AR, which do you prefer?
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AK or AR, which do you prefer?
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