Shopped on Etsy, been almost 2 months item hasn't been shipped. What do I do?

Hi, im rather new to Etsy, there has been the very rare occasion I've brought clothing and hair products off of Etsy and I've received them all. Recently i wanted to get dreadlock extensions and the last time i got a set, i brought them from a seller on Etsy and they were dispatched and arrived on time and shipped on time.

this time with buying the dreads i brought from another seller (i know. Very dumb of me to do so), i brought them in May on the 13th, I've contacted the seller maybe 3 times between May and today and I've gotten a response. My item is supposed to be shipped on the 24th June, the seller has said that they are ready to be shipped, she's looking for a shipping method/company that ships to Australia and they will arrive etc. at this point im unsatisfied, feel like im being scammed and lead on. I paid for them a bit over a month ago and was hoping they would arrive before a friends party, so i could go looking nice with my new hair. But they haven't even been shipped yet, I've contacted her plenty of times and gotten the same response, about shipping. I paid over $200AUD

im starting to get very impatient with her and the items, i didn't want to come off as rude or anything, i did pay for the item through PayPal on Etsy. So im just wondering what i can do about the not shipped item and about it coming up to the date she's supposed to ship them or what happens, do i get a refund from her if she doesn't ship them before the shipping date? Definitely won't be buying from her page again and stick to the other page i get dreads from
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Just a little update. I opened a case with PayPal 4 days ago, when the case was opened the seller disappeared. The items haven't been shipped, the seller didn't contact the PayPal case and she can't contacted my directly (last contact from her was 3 weeks ago). After the case was opened she vanished from Etsy and Instagram, i have forward the case to PayPal and let them know i haven’t received anything from the seller, no updates or contacts by her. PayPal are yet to view it
Shopped on Etsy, been almost 2 months item hasn't been shipped. What do I do?
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