What packages are you waiting for?

I’m waiting on two packages both from Ariana Grandes site lol

im waiting on my autographed Stuck With U CD which has Ariana and Justin Bieber’s signatures. I don’t give a shit about Justin’s autograph tho, I just want Ariana’s 😔

and I just ordered Ariana’s birthday sweater, she always releases limited edition merch on her birthday. Im nervous because her merch has a history of looking like shit and I just spent $75 on one fucking sweater. i lowkey regret ordering it.

I swear to god if this sweater arrives and it doesn’t look like the picture, I will personally throw hands with Ariana myself LMAOOOOO.
I’ll swing her by her ponytail, Ms. Trunchbull style. try me.
What packages are you waiting for?
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