What gifts to give a guy who has a delicate taste?

I have a male cousin who lets say is kinda of delicate when it comes to personal stuff. He always likes to have nice things, like nice clothes, pricey watches, good shoes. He likes liquors as well but chic ones. So for Christmas I dont really know what to give him cause I can't afford to buy him nice stuff of good brands but I dont want to dissapoint either.

Im not going to spend lots of money for just a cousin anyway but at least buy him something he may appreciate and could like. He is not rich let me clear but his job pays him well, even if he lives in a modest small house with house items or decorations that are not even that expensive, go figure!! I mean he is not a modest person in a sense , he likes to show off and impress other people. The past years I have given him a beard cleaning kit, a man bracelet, a tie, some socks. Things nbot taht expensive but he had liked. This year it has to be a differnt kind of gift and I have no idea what.. It has to be something like a general taste but not so personal cause I dont really know deep down his personal preferences
What gifts to give a guy who has a delicate taste?
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