Is this a virtue or a flaw or both?

So this month I spent a ton of money planning for the future

i bought around 12 books I don’t have time to read now but plan on reading later

I bought a 4-12 year supply of pencil sharpeners

I bought around a 2-4 month supply of supplements

I bought reading material for things I plan on studying not today but maybe 1-2 years from now

And I saved enough informational emails to last me through 8 months of reading

I also came up with 20 book outlines

And I got work out gear but can never find time to work out

I only have around $400 left for next months rent

But since I live with my parents, they give me a discount when I can’t afford to pay

And if I was not family they would probably charge me $4000 a month

I just surprised myself with how much debt I incurred

I think it’s cause I wanted to take advantage of Black Friday deals

I now have a ton of food and supplements I don’t need and am trying to get rid of

Like it took me almost 100 days to use up my cinnamon capsules and the only reason I used them up is cause I think it’s wrong to waste food

I wanted to throw it out once I found out it causes cancer in high dosages but I kept it around for 98 days by taking 2 capsules a day
Is this a virtue or a flaw or both?
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