Is it bad to be a little frugal or parsimonious?

when the person likes to save money? Like when the person likes to save money for the future for unexpected things but you know that you will have money for unexpected things, whether they will happen or not. Or you are of the idea that you only live once, you dont know what will happen tomorrow so it is better to not be that frugal and indulge yourself a little bit and waste your money and not save it cause once you are dead you are not going to enjoy any of the money YOU have.

But what will happen if lets say you have several debts to pay, have other expenses that are top priority and other things that it is not that you will have a lot of enough money to buy for you personally like for your own indulgement (trips, clothes, shoes, among many other things) You may have some left money at the end of the month after you pay all your bills but it is not a lot either.

My brother is of that idea that indulge yourslef if you can and are in your possibility cause what will happen if you die tomorrow? You never got to enjoy them. That is what is happening at my house now. In my house my mom, my brother and myself live together. My mom receives a pension each month once (my dad passed away 7 years years ago) , so we have to do a monthly home budget for the money my mom receives. Im in charge of managing the money and pay some bills online and other stuff and also I give money to my brother if he needs to buy things for the house not for himself but then later he has to give me the receipt for the thing bought. Between my brother and I manage the house money. My mom is not responsible anymore to do that like years ago, otherwise she will spend it all or half of it, like she did many years ago after my dad died and therefore she acquire many debts (banks, 2 house mortgages and even she own people money as well) and we were never aware of it until almost when our house was almost to foreclose but we manage to save it with money
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from my married sister, myself and my brother. So with mom pension now my brother and I are in charge to organize better the money to pay still debts, groceries and bills and just from time to tme indulge in something that my mom wants but we can't really spend it like we have a lot of money. Until just 1 yr ago my mom realized that she can't be responsible anymore to pay herself the house bills or other stuff at the house or things for herself.
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My brother at this moment is also unemployed and Im unemployed since one year ago and so far it has been very difficult for me to find a job due to this pandemic I do have my savings so I try to save as much as possible in the month for myself that means no new clothes, shoes, trips, go out socially, anymore for myself. I dont have a car. Even if my brother is not working and he tries to save some money sometimes, that do nto happen alwasy happen, he says why not use the money and enjoy it now
Is it bad to be a little frugal or parsimonious?
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