In what ways have you cut back on spending since the pandemic hit?

Last year i fcked up lol. I prob blew $8k just having fun from April to December. Not proud of myself at all. But im doing better this year. I've returned to my saving ways. I've limited my gambling habits to every other month. I’ve stopped buying additions to my CD/DVD collection. Im putting back most of my checks. I only get fast food maybe once a week. As for groceries, still slackin and spendin $600 a month rather than $300 a month. Very very bad. I gotta fix that forreal. But hey, im a picky eater. And then now im having to pay monthly for health insurance so that really isn't helping to cut back on the bills. I also hate paying $120 for internet in which im also paying for this housephone required for work. I’m even still paying this monthly gym fee when i haven't even been lmao. So i still have some cutting back to do. I even got my mom to cut down on her $180 cable bill by cutting out all the channels no longer watched. Then she was like “I wanna add amazon prime and disney plus.” Lmao so in other words she wants to pay $180+ again 🤣 I then got her to cut down on her $100 phone bill by going for a lower data plan since she always uses wifi anyways. But yea how are you cutting down on spending? #CutbackONspending #FeelFreeToList
In what ways have you cut back on spending since the pandemic hit?
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