Good idea or no?

So I have a 2007 scion Tc that’s falling apart has 200k miles on it I already put $5200 into it and the car isn’t even worth that. So, I’m a full time college student and haven’t been working since covid had happened and me and my boyfriend are still on unemployment as well as financial aid. I have 6k saved from unemployment and I get $535 a week from it and my aid rolls in in August and I’ll have a Good amount back. Would it be a good or bad decision to trade in my car through them and get a newer one probably a 2014 the monthly payments are $240. I also pay half rent and all bills with my boyfriend in our apartment rent is 720 but I pay half that then whatever light and water is. I just don’t wanna be without a vehicle and the one I have is the second one from Craigslist that’s falling apart. And my boyfriend tells me no not to get one but yet he’s looking for a car for himself and wanting to buy a 5,000 gym set but gets super pissed if I try to get a vehicle with payments.
Good idea or no?
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