Do women just say what other people want to hear and not the truth?

Such as:

1. No that dress doesn't make you look fat. (when it does.)

2. Penis size doesn't matter. (unless he's way to small or way to big so its a convenient white lie.)

3. No you look pretty. (to her friend whose 400 lbs, but has a pretty face.)Everyone wants to hear that they are pretty. Even Quasimodo .

4. I really like sex everyday. (but only if I'm in the mood)- White lie and everyone wants to hear it.

5. I don't care about a mans money. (everyone wants to hear that, including other women.) (but we all know that ambition is what matters because a man can have a ton of money and lose it, but if he has ambition he can get more.- so really its about money.)

6. I want a nice guy and not a bad boy. (Everyone wants to hear that, women want to say it because it sounds nice, but then everyone still knows its bullsh*t-*at least people who aren't stupid.)

7. Yeah my boyfriends penis is huge! (then when they break up.) "that thing looks like the size of a macaroni... cut in HALF!" No girl tells her man that his penis is small...even if it is, EVEN if she's thinking it. But once they break up... there it goes, its going to be front page news.

8. Oh I'm fine. (we want to hear that she's fine, but this really means everything's gone wrong and forget about having sex with me.)

9. I don't sleep around with a lot of guys. (then last week she had sex with your best friend... his dad, his brother... and the entire depth chart of the 49ers.)

10. Oh I don't care if they guy buys me gifts or buys me things, I can buy my own stuff I don't need a mans money. (that's great, and its what everyone wants to hear.. but what's that? you're smiling because a man just bought you a new dress and some jewelry from Tiffanis? Why aren't you ENRAGED!? because you're human and people like getting stuff for free? nah.. .keep lying.

Do women just say what other people want to hear and not the truth?
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