Why women and young girls are so crazy about the pasty Edward Cullen from Twilight. Fellas, take notes :)

Edward Cullen = Prince Charming

When we're little girls, we fantasize about our Prince Charming coming into our lives and sweeping us right off our feet. I believe, that due to the deterioration of this society on many levels and the low quality of most relationship experiences; this fantasy has intensified within women. Deep down, I think every woman wants Prince Charming to come into her life and make everything better. In a way, Edward Cullen is a living, breathing fantasy that is locked away in many of the minds of women and young girls everywhere. Now, I don't even like Edward Cullen lol I think he and Bella are annoying as hell; Bella is so selfish and plain; Edward can be so creepy and all in Bella's face (when I guess really, he just doesn't have any other friends). But I was watching Breaking Dawn last night. I was watching the very end when *SPOILER ALERT* they showed a brief collage of Edward and Bella's relationship. Even though most of the time, the movie made me sick to my stomach, that collage was so beautiful and artistic that all of that annoyance faded away and it became apparent to me why so many people are so fascinated by their relationship. It's the pure intensity and the type of man Edward portrays. There are aspects to Edward Cullen that most women dream of having in a man...

- An intense protector who would make the utmost sacrifice to keep you safe.

- Someone who is incredibly romantic and takes you on lovely, little adventures

- A guy who is intense and passionate about being with you

- A guy who is very attractive (Edward Cullen is portrayed as gorgeous...not really my type, but I see the connection)

I've just listed a few because this question is getting pretty long.

I think this is why so many women and young girls are so into Twilight. Twilight is representative of some guy and some amazing romantic adventure they'd like to stumble upon. I'm guilty of this myself lol When I look back to the days where I used to watch Twilight over and over, it was mainly because watching it made me excited and hopeful for the day when I would find my "Edward Cullen"

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And in all honesty, the way Edward loves Bella is so beautiful that I take notes from him so that I can make a guy feel really treasured one day :)
Why women and young girls are so crazy about the pasty Edward Cullen from Twilight. Fellas, take notes :)
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