Ideas for 19th birthday?

I was planning to go on holiday for my bday but that hasn't worked out. I don't have a clue what to do, I don't want to do anything like a party because I'm a bit funny about birthdays-i just see it as another year older which I'm not looking forward to lol. So I only wanna do something with a couple of friends-also one is 17 so that rules out going to a club or bar. Any ideas for a small thing to do with a couple of friends? Thanks in advance :)


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  • A friend of mine did a really cute thing for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. There was just a small number of us, maybe five or so - and she held an old-style cocktail party. We all dressed up (think Audry Hepburn) and had some chilled music. If alcohol is a problem, there are plenty of non-alcoholic cocktails which taste just as good. Then we went out for a meal afterwards.

    I don't know what kind of things you're into - but another of my friends had a 'face-pack and movie night' which was just the basic chick-flick movies and pampering session with plenty of gossip, strawberries, chocolate and ice cream.

    A spa day. Trying clothes on in expensive clothes stores. Go camping, plenty of marshmallows and ghost stories.

    It really depends what you're into - but with a tiny bit of planning, something you do everyday like shopping, can be turned into something much more special.

    • Thankyou for these ideas-i can use some for when me and my friends are bored any weekend :)

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  • Go drinking in a park :D


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  • Me and a couple friends are going to a nice restaurant and dressing really nice- like semi formal.

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