Am I being egotistical?

Recently my boyfriend and I have had a problem we nearly broke up. or we did break up and we are on the process of mending. (he broke up with me)

we were meant to go away to his parents together and he ended up leaving alone because he didn't want to risk his parents seeing me and him fighting.

So I told him to have a good time and I also did say that if he decides he wants me there at some point I can come up for a weekend.

He started missing me while he was there so finally he asked me to come up. I turned him down saying I thought this time apart was important for us and that I didn't think it was respectable for me to come up to their place without having met them before.

He told me his parents will not be there on that weekend.

I said I'll think about it, which he immediately replied saying lets leave it it was just an idea.

I said OK no worries. then he immediately gave me silent treatment for 2-3 days after. I hate when he does this, its extremely hurtful and it is very passive-aggressive.

During that time I messaged twice saying I thought I had to work but I don't have to, and saying I'm sorry.

Because he must've let his ego go to invite me up there and I shot him down.

After couple of days he replied saying he was busy (I know that's a lie) if I still wanted to come up. I decided to cave in and I booked a flight up there.

He did not offer to help me out with the cost at all.

Now I'm thinking am I being egotistical thinking he should've offered?

or does this time, should it be me doing a little caving in?

I'm not sure if I'm being a doormat by doing this or if I'm actually doing the right thing.

you are wellcome to give me some harsh shooting if you think I'm an egotistical person who thinks way too much
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What I don't like the most is that he used silent treatment to get his way,

Its very controlling and its really mean way to do it I think?

But the fact that I caved in because of it makes me think that I'm approving this sort of behavior .

Its too late I've already booked the tickets and its only 2 days together on holiday so I won't bring it up but its bothering me.

Am I being egotistical?
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