I'm angry that I can't stop myself from my temptations... ugh.

I apologize for how vague that title is, haha.

To make a really, really long explanation short:

There's a dude, he has a girlfriend. We're all young (under 18).

He knows I know about her, and whenever I try to seriously talk to him about how I don't want to flirt/"hook up" with him because of her, he always plays it off. He's even used the excuse that he's broken up with her.

Now, I know any normal person would say to themselves "this is wrong. I'm going to stop". Well, I can't seem to stop, and I hate myself for it. I hate what could happen to her, I hate that I'm being used, I hate him for saying how much he loves her, then pretending she doesn't exist. I hate how lonely I am. Ugh.

God, what's the point of this question? Haha. I guess... How can I talk to him about it seriously? I don't want him to keep avoiding the subject. Other than that, I suppose you guys could just write your thoughts, and tell me things I should do, and how.



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  • just avoid him completely. do not communicate with him. not even to explain to him of how you feel.

    for some people actions speak louder than words! he prob one of them!


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  • So...are you tempted to hookup with him, or have you already hooked up with him?

    • both? We haven't had sex or anything, but he definitely seems like he wants to, and I really, really don't want it to get to that point...

      If he were to call me right now, asking to meet up... Despite knowing I shouldn't, I would probably say yes I go see him :\

    • Then you will be considered a whore and any boyfriend-material guy will be deterred to date you. It's not worth it.

      Is it so hard for you to find a guy you find sexy that is single?

    • That's what I hate, and I don't want to be considered that, hah. And it's kinda hard for me to get along with kids my age, so I usually go a year or two older... With that being said, it's more the other way around. They don't find me to "sexy" enough to their standards.. or maybe I'm just way too shy for my own good. One of the two, hah

  • best advice...dont talk to him. its never going to stop and there is almost no way you can stop it.

    • Oh god, I know that's the smart thing to do.. it's like the two sides of my brain are fighting. What's "right" and logical, and then... lust. My issue is getting myself to stop talking to him. I always try, and then I can't help myself... ugh.

    • just delete him from your life

  • "Odin is sick and tired of all the countless threads of you f***ers saying "Oh I'm in love with my boyfriend/girlfriend/goat." Or "I f***ed up and now I lost the woman/boy/chainsaw I love."

    Well, let me clue you all in on a little something.


    Read that bolded/italicized/underlined sentences a few times before it sinks in. Who am I kidding, it didn't sink in.


    Well, listen there Paco, I do know you. You're a god damn idiotic teenager who doesn't know d*** about sh*t. You have no idea what the world will bring. All you know is the microcosm of your high school.

    There is a whole world out there that you know nothing about. You will not be the same person after your first semester of college that you are now, and if you are, then you're a loser. College is about growth.

    Not going to college? No problem. The real world will give you even more experience than the fake world of college. You will learn way more about yourself in college or in the real job world then you ever will in high school where you are now.

    Love is an intangible subject. It can't be grasped. I don't understand it, and I'm smarter than you mother f***ers, so if I can't get it, you can't. That's a scientific fact. You're too young to understand it. Straight up. It requires years and years of real world experience you don't have.

    How many times have you ever heard some dumb ass, punk, teenage kid say "oh I love my girlfriend." Then the next day they turn around, get drunk off of one beer, kiss some other skank and then whine because they lost the woman they loved.

    Guess what, Poncho? You didn't love her or you wouldn't have sucked face with Slutty McBigt*ts. You're just a kid who likes hooking up.

    Listen, at our age, we're not meant to be monogamous. Our d***s and p****** guide us around. Guys will f*** anything that'll let us and women crave d*** to make them feel (ful)filled. That's the nature of the beast. It's what we're meant to do at this age. Don't get mad at a dog for barking or a bear for sh*tting in the woods. "

    -wise words from a smart man that all teens should read

    • No, I'm not claiming to be in love. I care about the dude, but I am far from in love with him. I've been closer to "love" with other people than him.

      Despite my age, I've been called "mature" (...I hate saying that, because it makes me sound far from it...). I absolutely hate it when all these kids around me are convinced that they're in love, and HS is the "real world"... that's a whole other tangent, though.

      It's not that I care about being monogamous or polygamous, but.. "social standards"

    • You realize that almost every teenager says that they are more mature than the other kids their age right? And believe me you, high school is NOTHING at all like the real world. But you won't know until after you graduate and start college/work.

    • No, I'm aware kids my age say that. That's why I despise them. Due to my living conditions, I had to grow up quickly.

      and God, I'm happy that it won't be like this. It's these annoying, snobby, immature kids whining in my ear I hate.

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