Got a make-up gift, though I don't wear make-up: what to think of this?

It is from my mother, I got some sort of make-up kit as a gift. I'm 22 and I never wear make-up.

This certainly sounds stupid but it was enough to spark some insecurities of mine. Is she trying to tell me that I need to "beautify" myself if I want to stand a chance with men (I've never had a boyfriend) or that I should do a make-over?

I'm fine with no make-up. I don't like the feel of it and I don't think it makes me look better. I am definitely not the type of girl who is into all this fashion/ beauty things that plays on women's insecurities.

I told her it was nice of her though I would not use it and she just got upset saying girls my age need to put on some make-up.

Silly story I know, but I would still like to hear your input on this.


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  • she isn't doing it to bash you, she is trying to help, even the most beautiful girls look better with some makeup. past college or even high school, not wearing makeup is IMO the face equivalent of going outside in pajamas.

    • I've thought about it and honestly though I know it's not her aim, I can't help but feel a bit insecure over the whole thing. The best comparison I could find, was that of a slightly chubby girl that is fine with her curves that gets a weight loss program as a gift. Even if it comes from a good intention, with the aim to make her "look better" it still says "you're not beautiful the way you are"

    • And I understand that it can be required for women to put on some make-up when they work but I'm not past college yet.

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  • If it wasn't from your mother, I'm sure it would mean nothing.

    But parents give things to kids they think they 'could use' sometimes.

    Yes, she's trying to tell you to put some make-up on sometimes.

    • Thanks, she does want me to use it. But I am still confused as to why ? Maybe it is just me missing something here but I don't understand why I would be given make-up when I don't want it, or express the need for it. The only reason I can find for her to do this is to think that it would help me. And moreover she knows what I think about make-up, so her giving it to me is like her telling me I'm wrong and that I need it.

      Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it.

    • That's exactly what she's telling you.

  • As you grow older, women start to become a little more sophisticated into how they dress (or well, at least in my opinion, they should). Adding a little makeup, here and there, now and then...will improve your chances of meeting a man. Men don't wear makeup, so it makes you look too manly, when you don't...Men typically don't want manly looking women

    • I agree about women being more sophisticated as they grow older, but how does not wearing make-up make a woman look manly?

  • She is trying to help you, she isn't saying you aren't good enough as you are. I'd guess she doesn't want you to be disadvantaged compared to other women based on you not wearing make up. Well applied make up will make any girl look more attractive.

    Having said that its great that you are willing to go against the pressure from society and your mother and do what you want to do, most people aren't capable of that.

    • Thanks. I honesty think make-up is overrated. Sure it is useful if you go to some dinner or party, but the daily use of it does more damage to the skin than good.

      What's most important to me is to stay healthy not to give the illusion of it.

  • You're right about what you think, it's pretty obvious, especially given that last comment of hers.


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  • Parents want the best for their children.your mom is trying to tell you that you'd look better with some makeup. What's confusing about that? It akes everyone look better and more put together. Maybe not everyday, but you should at least put in effort sometimes or you'll come off as lazy

    • It's confusing because I live with her and she sees me every day. She knows I never put on any make-up and she's never said anything about it. It was quite surprise receiving this. I honestly thought there was some mistake at first, and couldn't believe it was from her.

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    • Still, she may just have thought it better to spare your feelings. The war thing you can do is try out he makeup and wear it every so often to please your mom

    • The best***

  • Does she wear makeup?

    If so, she probably just wants you to be like her, although it maybe subconscious, she may want to "bond" with you over makeup and put it on you, etc. It's every mother's dream to make their little girl into a princess :) I think she's only trying to help, and trying to show that she loves you.

    hope it helped :)x

    • Well, no, she doesn't wear a lot of make-up. She has some kohl eye pencil, some blush and that is all. She used to put on some more when she was younger (mascara and lipstick). But she would never use foundation or eye shadow. And the make up box she gave me really has it all. Foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss. It's supposed to be a sort of mini make-up station. I'm still surprised honestly as to why she chose that.

  • its a nice gift that most girls would like it doesn't mean the person that gave it to you think you look dull

    • Yes, I know it's a nice gift. Quite pricey too. I'm kind of embarrassed.

    • dont be, experiment with it and maybe you will like it :)

  • Each mother wants her daughter to look best. To keep your mom's wishes I think you should adjust and pt some make up

    • Funny as this is also what she said, that I'll do it for her.