What Is His Deal And Is He Up To Something He Don't Want to Tell me??

So this guy and I been talking about 2 months now. And before things was on and off with him and I, but so far they have gotten better. How we met, it was off some website. You can hook up, date them or make friends. But anyways point is that about 2 months ago he confess to me that he likes me as well. But what I don't get is, if he says he likes me like he says he do. Then why won't he see me :( I mean he hangs out with his friends and pick up other girls just to have s** with them. But anytime when I asked him he would say his busy or had other things to do. Then yesterday he life out of town to go see his family but he'll be back for new years or after new years. And I said OK well when you come back then can we hang out and I said you promise and he promise me. But before he lift and had time to see me. Why is it taking him so long to come and see me/ I mean sometimes I feel like me may not want to see me. But go see other girls I mean sure we live 2 hours away but still. If anyone knows what's going on or what should I do please tell me?



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  • If he's taking too long, he might not be that into it.

    • Yea maybe so. So what should I do? He said when he comes back from his vacation he promise me that he would see me. But I feel like why the hell should I wait until he gets back, and just hang out with him when he was down here.

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  • Find someone that is worth it

    • It's not about me finding someone else, because I don't plan to hook up or date him he's to backwards with sh*t.

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  • Drop him. There are way better guys out there that will treat you much better. If he isn't making you a priority, and he is having sex with other girls, you are just an option. He is obviously not ready for a mature relationship & you could do so much better.

    • I mean I'm not with him no way, and I don't care who he is having sex with that his problem. But all I would like is more attention from him and want him to be honest with me if he don't like me on that level then f***ing say it and I'll be gone don't say you do if you don't. And I'm not the type of girl that runs a guy down. Hell no.. and thanks

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    • After that, I felt free to have feelings for this guy that's liked me for a long time. We started talking and he gave me all the attention I could ask for and was very attentive to my needs. It was hard to cut ties with the guy before, but once I did, I was much happier.

    • Well that good, I'm happy for you. :)- But No this guy I know always talking about if I was a less crazy he would actually date me. But I don't want to be with him b,c all he dose is play games and tries to act like he is so much better hen me.

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