What should I do about a not so good Christmas gift?

So for Christmas my boyfriend got me a messenger bag. (As a joke, I did tell him he could get me slippers to keep at his house so my feet wouldn't smell like work). He had told me before Christmas that he was really nervous that I wouldn't like his present. He also said that he wanted to get me something that I could actually use, and he wanted to get me something that I wouldn't usually buy for myself.

I wear this gigantic pink back pack which is about 5 years old. It's beat up, and the straps are practically falling off, but it works for me. I live in a city, and I can go grocery shopping and put most, if not all, my groceries in my backpack.

I love the fact that he actually thought about me for the gift. And I would love a new bag. Here's the thing-I HATE messenger bags. They constantly feel like they're going to fall off my shoulder, and if you do load them up, they really kill my back. I need something that can sit high and flat on my back while I'm walking for 2 miles or so. I have been using it for light loads the past few days. However tonight I just did a small convenient store grocery trip, and I could only fit a quarter gallon of milk and eggs in the bag for one. For another my back was aching by the time I got home.

He did mention that if I didn't like the bag I could return it or exchange it. I don't want him to feel bad. I really like the thought behind his gift., and I do want to keep it because it's from him. It's what he picked out, and I want to cherish that, not replace it. But I know that if he sees me using my old backpack some of the time, he might feel bad too. What should I do?


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  • Say you love the thought and how he realized you needed a new bag but they him that a regular back pack works better than a messenger bag because they can carry more and don't strain your back. Ask him to go exchange for a back pack he likes better instead of you doing it so that it is still from him and his thought.

  • Just tell him that a regular backpack would be more convenient for you than a messenger bag. It shouldn't be a big deal to him, especially since he told you it was okay to return or exchange it. Go to the store with him and pick one out you like, then he can buy it for you.


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