What do you think about this, don't worry its short..

Right, so this guy I've been dating has moved home for the Christmas break (2 hours drive away), We havnt been in contact since he left except for Christmas day, I rang him and he rang me back later so we were chatting for about 10 min before I had to have dinner.

i suggested he come up to my house for new years, I have a free house so we could chill out together ;) He seemed interested but I had to go before he could really answer. He hasn't got in contact since Christmas day, the way I see it, if he really wanted to come up he'd make an effort to text.. what do you think?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Not always that simple. Besides he might be waiting for you to message him back. I think you should stop being stubborn about this. Stop doing the stupid forced gender roles thing of waiting for him to respond "because if he really wanted to he'd do it" and just message him back for an answer. There's nothing wrong with that. There's no shame in that, and life is too short to play these stupid games, like "that's how it is, that's the rules" or something. Just ask him again and this time wait for an answer. You were the one who hung up on him in the first place, after all. Don't make this so complicated.


What Girls Said 1

  • Or you could text him and if he doesn't want to he'll either come with a lame excuse or say no. Or if he actually can't make it, he'll come up with a reason. If he wants to come, he'll answer that he'll come.

    Life's too short to keep on waiting. Just text him again, tell him that you haven't really had an answer to your question about NYE and that you wondered if he wanted to come over.


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