Should I ask a girl I like to a New Years party.

So first off we aren't even officially a Boyfriend and Girlfriend yet. We have been on a handful of dates and talk all the time. Things where going well until she was in a car accident and broke her leg a few weeks ago. Its not like that stopped us from seeing each other, but we don't go out because she's not used to crutches and is still in a bit of pain when she moves.

so my friend is having a small party. not even a party, just some people having a few beers and some pizza for New Years, I was wondering if I should invite her to come with me there. she wouldn't be up and about, and it might be a nice change in what she's been doing.

the only thing that scares me is the inclination of what inviting a girl to a new years party means. that midnight kiss. Not like I haven't thought about it, but we haven't yet... Part of me says it would be really romantic, but at the same time, we are both really shy people, and doing that in front of my best friends might freak her out (it freaks me out) since she's never met them. and what if she doesn't want me to and I try. or what if I figure she doesn't want me to and I don't, when really she did. just a lot of things rushing around in my head.

really don't know what to do


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  • I just had an operation on my knee and while I was at home not being able to get out much, any chance I got to get out and any invitation I got was a needed change from just sitting around at home. I'm sure she'll be happy that you think about her even though she can't move about and party much.

    About the kiss "thing"... Maybe you should try and talk to your friend(s) about her and that you like her if you're nervous about their reaction. And next time you see her, you could try and hold her hand and maybe kiss her cheek when you have to go home and see her reactions. That might give you an indication of wether she'd like you to kiss her.

    I think you should totally go for it and invite her! :)


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