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Alright people, this may be too much information, but am wondering if anyone else has had this. I had a bout of loose stool on the 23rd and wasn't hungry for the next couple days. I had stomach pains and lots of LOTS of gas :( On the 26th I drank a little bit of alcohol and had such painful stomach pains I stopped, and again had lots of gas. I can eat, but have lost 3 pounds and really want to drink on New Years (I'm 21, so I wanna drink).

I don't think this can be the flu as flu usually only lasts 24-48 hours and this has been going on for 6 days now (stomach feeling uncomfortable and lots of gas).

Any ideas how to get over it ASAP!


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  • Immodium AD works for most normal loos bowel things. If that doesn't clear it up get to a doc quick. Keep drinking plenty of clear fluids with electolytes. If you're barfing too, you might have food poisoning of some kind. If that's it snag a doc asap. Same goes for if there's any blood (black) in your stool.

    No booze(it irritates the digestive tract and dehydrates you and your three pounds were you getting dehydrated), or greasy stuff. BRAT diet. Bread Rice Applesauce Toast.

    WARNING: Until Hiram Maxim invented the Machinegun, more soldiers in war died of the runs than they did in combat. If you don't manage it you can indeed poop yourself to death by getting dehydrated. Don't take it lightly.

    • I haven't thrown up, and I feel normal, it's just I'm so gassy all the time.

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  • Can you check with a doctor? And the flu can last longer. You should try some licorice or even ginger. Instead of alcohol try water and drinks with electrolytes to replace the ones you've lost, dehydration may also be a problem.


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