He says I'm pretty, but is mean to me. Guys HELP ME.

I was at the party with my girls and then there was this guy who sat next to me. He was really hot, but when he started speaking with lame jokes and that he loves One Direction... o.O like wtf. So I just sat back. He used to tap my knee and was mean to me. probably cause I was the only girl not laughing to his jokes. So he didn't get my attention, he wanted. Later on I caught him staring at me. Even his friends were teasing him. I heard he said I'm the most pretty girl here. So I'm just confused, why was he mean to me? Also, when I was getting ready to go home, he took my hand and said "Happy New Year and go to mothers c*nt" WHAT DA FUQ.


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  • he is a mean guy that is all there is to it

    do you want to date a mean guy? That would be the question to ask yourself here.

    Just because a guy thinks you are pretty doesn't make him a nice guy. Do you understand that?


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