I feel alone and like I am being treated unfairly.

Recently I had a birthday come up. Went out and had a nice time, decided I was gonna sneak out with my older (18) cousin. We both were gonna meet up with 2 boys. But plans changed and her boy couldn't make it, but she was gonna take one for the team and chill with my guys unattractive brother. So we sneak out and end up getting caught.

My phone is taken and I'm grounded. Nothing happens to her, so I'm confused?

Her fathers comes home the next day (I live with them) and he says something like 'I understand why you went, you didn't want to leave her alone. I'm just glad her mother knows how sneaky she is and what a little liar she is. I'm glad she knows her child now.' And basically my cousins life kept going, but everyone's acting different towards me. They think this was all my plan or something? I don't even want to continue living here, knowing my own uncle (and probably aunt) feel this way toward me. One mistake... and this. And believe me when I say this is the only bad thing I've ever done. I get honor roll in school, don't do drugs, nothing. My cousin though, she's had her share of 'crazy stories'.


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  • Well how old are you first of all.. And it seems like it may be partly envy or spite. Your parents probably say OH MY DAUGHTERS ON THE HONOUR ROLL blah blah blah... Your cousin doesn't seem to have many achievements in comparison, her father probably felt happy about your fall from grace.

    You all live together or what?

    If it's your birthday it seems like YOUR idea to them. It's also fairly dangerous for a girl to be out at night. Also she is 18 and you're not, which helps her case.

    Also a teenage girl sneaking out to hangout with boys, probably sounds like sex to him.

    • I turned 16 and my mother and I live with my aunt, uncle, and my cousin. It was our idea together, and she didn't deny this, but she didn't change her parents opinion either.

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    • It sounds like he has the sandy vagina. Your aunt may not really care, I would be pretty pissed at her for just going along with it.

    • thanks for the comments, and your opinion, glad to know I'm not alone.

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