He's asked me to spend New Year's Eve with him, is this a big deal?

This guy I like has asked me to come over to his place to celebrate new years with him and a few of his housemates. Nothing flash, more just hanging out.

Do you think this is a big deal? Do you think he's into me or more friends? (Even though we've been out, I'm never sure what as)
Just an update... we did get together that weekend :) And been quite happy since


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  • He clearly wants to get to know you better. He doesn't know what category you are in either.

    Just go and welcome the New Year, and don't worry too much about your officila status. What will be will be!


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  • I'd say it's inbetween. Depends on how he's acting at the party: ignoring you or introducing you to all his housemates.


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