What's your New Years resolution?

Mine is to eliminate as many girls from my life as I can! That's my goal for a happier year. Not a gay thing, but If you're not really good looking or have money then women are not really nice to you! I always fall for it; I meet a girl and I think she is nice, and then disses me and hurts my self esteem more then the way it already is. Sometimes I wish I was one of those good looking a**holes, because at least they get the chance to prove that they're an a**hole!


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  • Mine is to finish losing this last 40 pounds I need to, so I can have a healthier life style. I was down by 50 pounds earlier this year, but gained part of it back when I went back to work. Now is the time to drop the rest, and maybe even finally get a GF. lol. GL on yours.

    • Good luck losing the rest of Ur weight!

    • @collegegirl13 thanks. I should have it off pretty soon I think. Just need to hit the gym as much as possible, and also get my eating down to where I'm full almost all of the time.

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  • My resolution is to find a way to love my body so I can be confident and less shy. I want to love my body as much as I love my personality, I want to stop holding my self back from what I really want.

    • btw I'm sure you may not believe this but not all women are the same...

      some are caring and genuinely nice.

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    • They're all the same!

    • Maybe one day...best wishes

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  • to survive until 2014

  • That's a stupid resolution.

    • Stupid, how? If women put you down, and you want to get them out of your life because they put you down, nothing stupid about that.

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    • For men, initial attractiveness is defined by looks/appearance.

      For women, initial attractiveness is defined by status - or what it appears to be.

    • It doesn't work the same for everybody. Lots of people told me getting the girl is easy, unfortunately it doesn't work like that for me because I don't even get the time of day. You can tell if some one likes you either it be a girl you're attracted to or somebody that is just a friend, but you can tell what they're intentions are by the vibes and signals they send your way! I feel it every time that they're just not interested. I would live happier if I do not advert my attention to any of them

  • The problem is that we are validated by sexuality and money unless we can fixate on something else. Mountain climbing. Racing. Contact/collision sports. Intense military training and combat. Competition in business and work.

    Find validation elsewhere so you can place women somewhere other than as an addiction. There is a biological aspect which you can't "will away" easily but you can slake off your raging libido with net p0rn and masturbation so you can make better choices that are not out of desperation.

    • I'm not desperate, but I don't like that feeling that I'am inadequate. That's why I have the urge to make women feel like sh*t before they do to me!

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