Anyone Planning On Getting A Midnight Kiss This New Year's Eve?

I'm not well possibly on Skype. My boyfriends in a different town right now... :(

So I need some cute kiss, proposal, love plans to make me feel better.

Send away.


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  • Well I have a new boyfriend of about a month and he desided that seeing his friends is the way to go. So depending on how sh*t I feel I might kiss a good looking stranger (would nôt actually do this) I mean how f***ed up is that to not want to spend your first NYE together ?

    • thats terrible! seems we are stuck in the same boat my friend..

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    • Yay :-) good , phones do play up on NYE x

    • true that mine was super weird glad everything worked out for both of us. x :)

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  • If dogs count then yep, definitely a midnight kiss lol

  • Midnight f*** fest. :D

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