Happy new year. Even to the users that hate my ass

Happy new year everyone. I wish all (yes all) of you the best.
Irykyrk below makes a great point in his answer. Please take a look.
Bye for now guys Love ya all


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  • You are so funny. You always make me laugh. Thank you very much. I need that tonight.

    • :) I am glad I make you laugh girl. I will keep it up and not in an old man ewww you are so gross viagra way either!

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    • It was memorable.

    • Doubtful you remembered much :)

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  • The same to you!

    The fact that we're here though and you're here acknowledging people that you will never meet and who don't like you merely because of a facade that you give of yourself on the Internet really makes me think, and so it should you: Are we really that pathetic?

    It's kind of sad that there are people who will never have an impact on our daily lives and yet we hate them. I'm guilty of this too many times.

    • I Cry. When Angels Deserve to Die.

    • That is nice of you to say this and I can be a jerk to people that think differently than me at times. I wish I was more tolerant and seeing this answer I will try to be more open, tolerant and patient with people.

  • And the best of new years to you fine sir. Though I must admit an aversion to your ass, I find the rest of you as right as the rain. ; - )

    • Hey there...4 out of dentists recommend taking a bite out of my ass :) (thnx for the ahem compliment)

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    • You too. I always wish you and your great wife the best. Cheers funny man

    • And cheers to you too!

  • Happy New Year to you too.

    How could anyone hate your ass?

    It's only 10:30 in the land of Lincoln.

    • Thnx man and I am going out now and I can be a prick when it comes to heated debate. I hope you are well and hope it got warmer than 50 :P

  • Its new years...

  • hahaha lmao at the second part of your question. Cheers.

    • Thank you. I hope all goes well for you this year

    • Same to you. Sorry about unfriending you by the way. It was nothing personal.

    • No problem man

  • I guess I'll accept this for tonight...

    • Thanks for BA. I will unblock you in hopes of a more tolerant, open, and patient you.

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    • Atta boy. Best of luck with it. Happy New Years.

    • Happy new years to you also :)

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