Who here has New years Resolutions?

Every year we make some outlandish resolutions that most never keep. For me I always say I'm gonna lose weight I, either gain weight or never do then there's that I'm gonna find a girlfriend yeah that never works out because I either get nervous, or just don't waste my breath. There are more but that's it for now. So what New Years resolutions do you have?


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  • i have a few but I live in new zealand and I'm saving up to go see the girl I love who lives in minnesota hopefully I can do it this year


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  • Resolutions

    1. stop drinking so much soda

    2. join a gym and stick to it for once :p

    3. get a new pet (eyeing a certain gerbil)

    4. start college

    5. get a licence

    6. open for consideration

    I don't think people should tackle more than a handful at a time.

  • 1) Get a job

    2) Eat healthy

    3) Exercise

    4) Improve on all skills necessary to me

    5) Move about

    6) Gain confidence, learn to appreciate myself and others and not be a pessimist

    7) Try new things / experiment

    8) Explore and go on an adventure

    9) Have fun

    10) Be less of an ass

    11) Be successful

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    • You're always at me, you must have some confidence. =)

    • Lets divide the 6th point into three parts. a) Gain confidence b) learn to appreciate myself c) not be a pessimist. I have already broken 6C

      6A will be broken when I get rejected from all the companies I have applied to. 6B will be broken after I get rejected. :\

  • I finally lost the weight so now I want to get the abs! Hopefully before summertime! Also, I want to learn to let the past go. I'm tired of thinking what ifs with exes and potential dates so I'm going to finally move on and focus on me :)

  • I've noticed that dreams don't change, people change. my new years resolution is to not let people sway me to stop following my dreams because they feel that their dreams for me are more important than mine..

  • 1.don't drink too much

    2.stop being lazy

    3.be nice to people

    4.meet new people

    5.gain weight to look healthy

    6.get a part time job

    7.travel to different countries

    8.be a good daughter to my parents

    9. get a miniature poodle <3


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  • ive never had a girlfriend and each year I start making resolutions to .

    2009. I'm going to start talking to girls

    2010.im going to lose weight and meet girls

    2011.im going to gain muscle and girls won't ignore me

    2012.im going to start saving up for plastic surgery so a girl would show interest in me

    2013. still saving money

  • I've never made a new years resolution. Not going to start now. =)

  • Not be scared of girls.

  • None at all.


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