Do you believe in New Year's traditions/superstition?

There are a lot of New Year's Eve/Day traditions meant to bring luck and all that. Do you do any of them?

I clean my home - it's supposed to get rid of the bad luck from the old year. I also really believe that the fashion in which you enter the new year is an omen for how that year will go, which is why I always try to spend the night with people I really care about, and cherish little signs of hope or good fortune.

Anyone else?


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  • It can have a psychological affect. A lot of people make resolutions, and some even keep them. Resolutions are always about good things, so even if 0.1% keep them it's good. It's purely psychological, but if it works who cares?


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  • I eat pickled herring for luck, but it s just or fun.

  • no. I don't believe in luck or superstitions

  • No, and even if there is some physical aspect to new years, it's December 21st that would be the real "new year".

    • There's no point in arguing a "real" new year. The new year changes according to different rules. I actually celebrate Chinese New Year, but living in the West I've become accustomed to the Western calendar new year as well. To me the real new year begins in February.

    • Well you can't argue scientific fact. The earths pole is furgthest from the sun on the 21st, so technically that could be said to be the beginning of the year, if you consider the very middle of winter to be that. But putting it on jan 1st doesn't even make sense. Jan 1st should be on the winter solstice imo.

    • The winter solstice is usually on the 21st or 22nd - it's not fixed. That's why it's not really scientific fact. Not to mention that's still choosing when to break down the year - by the same logic we could use any natural time mark, not just winter. It's essentially just a convention.

      We celebrate our new year (the Chinese New Year) with what we consider to be the coming of spring. A "year" is a manmade measure of time - there are many places where it could fall according to culture.

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  • no, I think the year just goes according to how you spend your year.

    many times, when the clock strikes 12 at midnight on new years eve/ day, I have been using the bathroom, and I didn't spend my entire year in the bathroom. so no, I don't believe that.

    as for the superstitions, I stopped believing in any superstitions long ago. earlier this year, I walked under 3 ladders simultaneously. and I did so 3 more times, making it a total of six times, and I can't say my life has gotten any worse, or any better, since I haven't done anything to change my life.

    • That's not quite how it works - it's not a "whatever you're doing, you'll be doing all throughout the year." It's more the sense of if you start 2013 happy, it's a foreshadowing of a happy year and that sort of thing.

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